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The Eucalyptus User Console can be used standalone, but generally people run Tornado apps (as this is) behind a reverse proxy. There are a few reasons, but most commonly, it is so SSL termination can be handled in one place and several Tornado instances can be managed behind one front end. FriendFeed (who developed Tornado) talked about configuring one Tornado instance per core behind Nginx as the reverse proxy. This is what I’ll talk about in this post.

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The Eucalyptus User Console is built on top of Tornado. Each time you run the console server, you are getting a Tornado instance. For the 3.2 release, there isn’t a convenient way to set up several instances of the console server on one machine. Thankfully, it isn’t terribly difficult to make some modifications which allow this setup. The problems are really around different config and pid files. Logging is all pushed through…

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