Lets get ready to rumble

More Mind Spew-age from Harold Spencer Jr.

Its time!

We are issuing a challenge to the Open Source community.  The challenge is called the “Recipe of the Month Challenge”.

The Rules:

  • Documentation on what application(s) the recipe deploys and how to use it. This also includes what is the purpose of the application(s). (Documentation should be easy to follow and straight-forward.  This will help with the judging and testing of the recipe)
  • Any scripting language/configuration management software can be used. Some examples are as follows:
  • Mention the Image (EMI) used by recipe.  (for example: UEC image, Turnkey image or EMI from emis.eucalyptus.com)

The following categories will be used for judging [scale from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest):

  • Complexity (the more simple and elegant, the better)
  • Deployment speed/efficiency
  • Failure resiliency (how quickly can the solution return to a healthy operational state after an outage)
  • Creativity

Available swag awards:

  • Eucalyptus…

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