20 comments on “Using Scalr for Automation of your Eucalyptus Cloud

  1. Excellent post! Seems like we have one more happy Scalr user – welcome to our community!

    Small typo: “Logout and back in with your user credentials created in step 4″. It’s step 5, actually.

    • Fixed! Thanks for the feedback.

      Can’t wait to see this integration get better and better. Do you accept pull requests? Do you have any developer docs to help get me started?

  2. hi sir
    i follow the your steps in install scalr and register eucalyptu cloud with it but i have problem in install scalarizer in image (i installed the repository package i am using centos 6.3)

    here is output
    Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
    * base: mirror.vit.com.tr
    * epel: mirror1.ku.ac.th
    * extras: mirror.vit.com.tr
    * updates: mirror.vit.com.tr
    Setting up Install Process
    No package scalarizr available.
    Error: Nothing to do

  3. hi
    i follow the above steps and create a farm but when i launch it the server status keep in pending launch , i guss maybe because scalarizer image cant resolve scalr.local ?
    which ip address should associate with scalr,local in /etc/hosts ? or ip of machine in which i installed scalr in my case

    is there any way to ensure connectivity between scalr server and my eucalyptus cloud?
    thank you in advance .

    • The entry in /etc/hosts should point to your Scalr server. Is your Scalr server running as an instance inside the cloud? If so try to autorize all ports to that security group as I am not sure what the minimum firewall rules are for a Scalr server.

  4. thank you viglesiasce
    no i installed scalr in a seperate machine not instance and its connected to the same lan of eucalyptus cloud i m using TP-LINK router cloud ip and scalr server and about instances i assaing range for them .

    and of course i install scalaizer inside one of images that cloud used for running instance (i m using centos 6.3 image )

  5. Mr viglesiasce i am sure there is connection problem between cloud and scalr server just let me check with you register eucalyptus cloud after choose cloud type (in our case eucalyptus) scalr ask for enter eucalyptus cloud information as follow :


    is there something wrong in entering my information ?

  6. thanks for reply

    is this part ok : X.509 Certificate file: euca2-admin-6eb71c39-cert.pem i am not sure which file i should put here so i put euca2-admin-6eb71c39-cert.pem

  7. i dont think there is problem with scalr connect eucalyptus cloud when i edit role and set placement and type i can see my cluster but i dont know why server stock in pending launch i ask scalr team but they say they dont support open source scalr that way i ask help from you and i hope i am not bothering you with my questions.

  8. I have installed scalr on a linux box and when i am trying to import a windows system running in the cloud i am getting this error

    KeyError: u’/dev/sda1/’

    eucalyptus version : 3.1

    can anybody help me out with this. i am struck in a big way.

    Thanks in advance.

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